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Clinical Graphs Using SAS

SAS users in the Health and Life Sciences industry need to create complex graphs to analyze biostatistics data and clinical data, and they need to submit drugs for approval to the FDA. Graphs used in the HLS industry are complex in nature and require innovative usage of the graphics features. Clinical Graphs Using SAS® provides the knowledge, the code, and real-world examples that enable you to create common clinical graphs using SAS...

SAS ODS Graphics Designer by Example : A Visual Guide to Creating Graphs Interactively

You just got the results from your study, and need to get some quick graphical views of your data before you begin the analysis. Do you need a crash course in the SG procedures (also known as ODS Graphics procedures) just to get a simple histogram? What should you do? The ODS Graphics Designer is the answer. With this application, you can use the interactive drag-and-drop feature to create many graphs, including histograms, box plots...