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Isbn 9781786463685
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Year 2017
Pages 504
Language English
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Book Description:

Architect and deliver packaged applications that cater to enterprise business needs

Key Features

  • Explore the lightning framework, advanced application life cycle processes, and testing
  • Use the platform to build truly integrated, scalable, and robustly engineered applications focused on enterprise-level customer demands
  • Using the Lightning technology to deliver modern and responsive user experiences targeting multiple devices through Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 Mobile.
  • Step-by-step, work on examples to get you building your own ready-to-install packaged application

Book Description

Companies of all sizes have seen the need for's architectural strategy focused on enabling their business objectives. Successful enterprise applications require planning, commitment, and investment in the best tools, processes, and features available.

This book will teach you how to architect and support enduring applications for enterprise clients with Salesforce by exploring how to identify architecture needs and design solutions based on industry standard patterns. There are several ways to build solutions on, and this book will guide you through a logical path and show you the steps and considerations required to build packaged solutions from start to finish. It covers all aspects, from engineering to getting your application into the hands of your customers, and ensuring that they get the best value possible from your application. You will get acquainted with extending tools such as Lightning App Builder, Process Builder, and Flow with your own application logic. In addition to building your own application API, you will learn the techniques required to leverage the latest Lightning technologies on desktop and mobile platforms.

What you will learn

  • Package, install, test, and upgrade an application
  • Define architecture-aligning data storage and functional requirements
  • Develop Apex code that is easy to navigate, self-documenting, testable, robust, and organic
  • Leverage your application's clientagnostic Service layer backbone to support numerous platform areas
  • Get the most from hosting your application within the Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 Mobile clients
  • Apply querying, indexing, and asynchronous best practices
  • Leverage mocking and dependency injection in your Apex tests
  • Explore tips for developing advanced applications

Table of Contents

  1. Building, Publishing, and Supporting Your Application
  2. Leveraging Platform Features
  3. Application Storage
  4. Apex Execution and Separation of Concerns
  5. Application Service Layer
  6. Application Domain Layer
  7. Application Selector Layer
  8. User Interface
  9. Lightning
  10. Providing Integration and Extensibility
  11. Asynchronous Processing and Big Data Volumes
  12. Unit Testing
  13. Source Control and Continuous Integration



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