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Papier-Kunst. Bildkarten in neuer Dimension

In ganz einfachen Schritten erklärt Brigitte Schüssler ganz beeindruckende Modelle. Papier als "Werkstoff" für kreatives gestalten wird immer beliebter. In originellen dreidimensionalen Bildkarten zeigt Brigitte Schüssler ein breites Spektrum der "Papier-Kunst": Von der praktischen Anwendung als Grußkarte über ausgefallene, witzige Ideen, bis hin zu individuell gestalteten Papier-Kunst-Objekten.

The Upcycled T-Shirt

Did you know the average American throws away more than 68 pounds of clothing each year? Join the revolution to reduce your carbon footprint―one T-shirt at a time! Widely known for her recycling efforts, environmental crafter and blogger Jenelle Montilone will inspire you to upcycle tees into fun and fanciful quilts, accessories, toys, and gifts for the whole family. The 28 easy-to-make projects are economical, eco-friendly, and ecle...

Superhero Sewing

Help your kids look the part for their imaginative play with Superhero Sewing and bring superheroes, pirate captains, wizards and more into your living room. Superhero Sewing presents easy sewing projects for encouraging and satisfying your child's love of richly imaginative play. Lane Huerta, a mom and the owner of Lovelane Designs, a noted independent maker of imaginative, silk-screened playwear, shares her creative know-how and ad...

Ceramic Painting Color Workshop

Presented here are all the techniques needed to paint patterns and decorate ceramics with skillful and analogous color combinations. Twenty simple yet stunning ceramic painting projects include step-by-step instructions, pattern templates and varying color palettes for each project. The multiple color palettes for each project provide a range of effects for the same template expanding the potential of each project. For both beginners...

Der Purist: Highend-Modellbahn

Der Purist - damit kann im Modellbahnwesen nur einer gemeint sein: Willy Kosak. Jetzt endlich lässt sich sein modellbauerisches und fotografisches Schaffen aus vielen Jahrzehnten in einem Prachtband der Extraklasse genießen. Das Buch zeigt in drei Hauptabschnitten, was Eisenbahn-Modellbau heute bedeutet: Gleisbau, der sich kompromisslos am Vorbild orientiert, Fahrzeugbau, dessen Detaillierungstiefe das in H0 Machbare auslotet, und La...

Create Your Own Improv Quilts

A natural follow-up to the best-selling Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts, this book applies Rayna's no rules, no mistakes, no worries style to modern quilting. Starting with strips and geometric shapes, you'll cut and sew without patterns, required yardage, or complicated diagrams. This freeing method lets you create modern quilts organically as you follow your instincts, ask "what if…?", and experiment with scale, color, value, and ...

Intarsia Workbook

Learn the art of intarsia from the #1 expert, Judy Gale Roberts! You'll be amazed at the beautiful pictures you can create when you learn to combine different colors and textures of wood to make raised 3-D images. Features 8 projects and expert instruction. Great for beginners!

Cables: Mittens, Hats & Scarves

With its elaborately beautiful results and simple technique, cable knitting is irresistible to almost anyone who knits. But knitters also love the practicality of small and easy-to-make cold-weather accessories such as hats, gloves, and mittens. Combine the two and you have the ingredients for perfect knitting projects. And that’s exactly what this newest volume in the Vogue® Knitting On the Go! series provides: 21 fabulous designs t...

Great Sex Notes

In the tradition of Laura Corn's 101 Nights of Great Sex, Great Sex Notes includes notes for her to give him and for him to give her. With short introductory text to get communication and intimacy flowing, each note includes an enticing activity for lovers to share.