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Classical Confucian Political Thought: A New Interpretation

The intellectual legacy of Confucianism has loomed large in efforts to understand China’s past, present, and future. While Confucian ethics has been thoroughly explored, the question remains: what exactly is Confucian political thought? Classical Confucian Political Thought returns to the classical texts of the Confucian tradition to answer this vital question. Showing how Confucian ethics and politics diverge, Loubna El Amine argues...

Essence Of The Dhammapada: The Buddha’s Call To Nirvana

Eknath Easwaran, translator of the best-selling edition of the Dhammapada, sees this powerful scripture as a perfect map for the spiritual journey. Said to be the text closest to the Buddha's actual words, it is a collection of short teachings memorized during his lifetime by his disciples. Easwaran presents the Dhammapada as a guide to spiritual perseverance, progress, and ultimately enlightenment — a heroic confrontation with life ...

Durch Die Nacht: Eine Naturgeschichte Der Dunkelheit

Das faszinierende Panorama der dunklen Seite unseres Lebens Jedes Licht braucht die Dunkelheit, um aus ihr zu entspringen, so wie ein Laut erst hörbar wird durch die Stille der Welt. Und das Gleiche gilt für das Leben, die menschliche Existenz überhaupt: Die Nacht ist es, die alles werden lässt. Ernst Peter Fischer erzählt nun die Geschichte dieser »Gegenzeit«, eine faszinierende Reise durch die dunklen Gefilde unseres Lebens. Der He...

Vom Nutzen Der Feindschaft

Wilhelm Schmid, geb. 1953, lebt als freier Philosoph in Berlin und lehrt Philosophie als außerplanmäßiger Professor an der Universität Erfurt. Viele Jahre lang war er als Gastdozent in Riga/Lettland und Tiflis/Georgien, sowie als »philosophischer Seelsorger« an einem Krankenhaus bei Zürich/Schweiz tätig. Die Welt kann nicht nur aus Freunden bestehen, auch Feinden kommt Bedeutung zu. Niemand sucht nach Feindschaft, aber sie geschieht ...

Reverence: Renewing A Forgotten Virtue

This book by Paul Woodruff is a delight, in part from the beauty and pertinence of the poetry that Woodruff brings in to illuminate his discussion and from the charm added by his explications. His prose is a joy as he illustrates the various facets of reverence with brief scenarios and as well as longer stories. This book is capable of changing some people. Reverence is an ancient virtue that survives among us in half-forgotten patte...

Science Without Bounds: A Synthesis Of Science, Religion And Mysticism

Well written, logically arranged, subjects thoroughly covered. Considering the difficulty of discussing the centuries old conflict between Science and Religion, the cause of the struggle is clearly exposed and discussed in a non-judgmental way. A religious person need not fear reading this publication as you will find the short comings and strengths of both religion and science are covered fairly. Many religious people as well as the...

Moral Development And Reality: Beyond The Theories Of Kohlberg, Hoffman, And Haidt

This is the most sensible and insightful book on moral development that I have seen in over twenty years. In this masterful treatment, John Gibbs examines the recent trends in moral psychology with a deep understanding of the classic questions and controversies in the field. The book is both intellectually satisfying and exciting to read. Moral Development and Reality explores the nature of moral development, human behavior, and soci...

Ethics And Philosophical Critique In William James

In Ethics and Philosophical Critique in William James Marchetti invites the reader to radically rethink James's seminal contribution to moral philosophy. Contrary to the standard interpretation of his work as a moral philosopher, Marchetti argues that James was not interested in defending a moral theory but rather aimed at problematizing the very methods and goals of a philosophical investigation of ethics. By giving prominence to th...

The Apology Ritual: A Philosophical Theory Of Punishment

Christopher Bennett presents a theory of punishment grounded in the practice of apology, and in particular in reactions such as feeling sorry and making amends. His book is a rich and intriguing contribution to the debate over punishment and restorative justice. Christopher Bennett presents a theory of punishment grounded in the practice of apology, and in particular in reactions such as feeling sorry and making amends. He argues tha...

Des Philosophes Pour Bien Vivre

Etre heureux, goûter au bonheur, même un peu, ici et maintenant, qui n'en a pas envie ? En revenant à la philosophie, ouvrons-nous au message des stoïciens. Pourquoi eux particulièrement ? Parce que ces penseurs antiques ont osé faire du bonheur leur but pratique et su confectionner un véritable arsenal d'exercices pour atteindre sérénité et équilibre. D'une plume vive, Gilles Prod'homme nous accompagne dans une saisissante plongée a...